I’ll Pray About That!

19 Feb

Good morning, I know it has been a week or there about since I last posted anything. Part of that is because I was busy with work and valentines day. Both of which required my more immediate attention. But alas I am back, at least for today we will see about tomorrow.

As I was thinking about what topics I still wanted to write about that topic of prayer crossed my mind heavily. You see this past thursday my wife and I were enjoying a valentine’s day that she had planned. The whole point of it was to allow me to relax while enjoying our time together. She planned the whole day this year so that I plan it next year.

In the midst of our day we got a message from a friend asking urgent prayer and intercession on behalf of their young baby who had surgery that morning. The request came as a surprise because we had been tracking the progress of our friends baby and up to this point everything had gone well. So we stopped everything that we were doing and began to pray for just a few minutes. We asked everyone we knew to pray with us a well. What happened next was amazing. For a group of believers to pray together at the same time is a pretty awesome thing. Everyone that we asked jumped up to the call and went to the throne of grace in prayer.

Thankfully God heard and saw fit to grant our prayer and our friends child is doing better. What stuck me more was the ability to pray the way that we did. When the call came in my wife was extremely distraught. This is a friend who means so much to her and she loves this child so much that the very thought of not being able to ever get to see or hold her was terrifying to her. So we prayed with all our hearts that God might show more mercy and grace than anyone deserved. And in his amazing kindness he did.

The thought that stuck me as weird is a question that has since been nagging in the back of my head for almost a week now. Why don’t we pray more often like we did for this little girl? If we truly believe that pray is effective in the working of God why not pray all the time as if a life mattered on it? Now I am not saying that everything we pray about will happen. God is not some genie that we can use whenever we want something. But instead prayer has the ability to help accomplish things God already has plans for.

Not only should we pray because it can be used by God in amazing ways, but we should also pray because God uses it to help further align us with his will. He calls us to pray for the world and those in it so that we might come to realize how dependent on him we must be for our own salvation. God is our provider and one of the ways to get to know him is by talking to him through pray. The beautiful part of prayer is that we can rest in the knowledge that God hears us. He knows the whole picture so we can rest knowing that even if our prayers aren’t answered in the way we would have imagined them being, God is still in control.

The last amazing thing that struck me about prayer is that there is always a peace that comes to those who trust in God. He is always going to be our comforter and even in the hardest of times we can rest in him in prayer.

So my challenge today is for us to not forget how to pray. Let us lift our voices up to the Lord and pray with a fervent heart knowing that He hears us. Let us not just ignore this wonderful part of the Christian life but instead use it to help build up those around us and to help align our wills to God’s will. Let us pray and…

Let Us Be Genuine.

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